Turn More Visitors Into Customers

Getting traffic to your site is only half the battle. The other half is turning those visitors into paying customers.

I turn more of your visitors into customers by:
  Putting the most important information near the top
  Turning long boring paragraphs into bullet points
  Eliminating confusing or distracting images
  Simplifying the "Contact Us" form
  Improving the checkout process for E-Commerce sites
  Establishing a clear call to action
  Putting the most important information near the top
This is Going to Shock You!
I've done usability testing on dozens of websites. Usability testing is when I ask people to use a particular website and observe what they do. I also ask them to tell me what they are thinking as they are using the website. Websites owners expect visitors to do certain things on their sites, but here is what visitors are actually doing and thinking.

Call Me
Your phone number isn't easy to find.
Fill Out Contact Form
No way. You ask for too much info.
Read Paragraphs
I won't read lots of text. I prefer bullet points.
Read the Whole Page
I rarely scroll to the bottom of a page.
Understand What I Wrote
Some of the terms you use are confusing.
Trust Me, I'm Good
Why don't you have testimonials or reviews?
Buy a Particular Product
I can't find it on your site. I'm returning to Google.

How My Site Turns Visitors into Customers

As an example of a website that is easy to navigate and is good at turning visitors into customers, take a look at my site. Ask yourself these questions to see if I practice what I preach:
  Can you find my phone number?
  Is the contact form simple and easy to fill out?
  Is the site easy to navigate?
  Does the text on the page have easy-to-read bullet points?
  Is the site easy to understand, not using a lot of technical jargon?
  Do you see my call to action? (Hint - "Contact Me for Free Evaluation")
Ask Yourself
Do you think more of your site's visitors would contact you and do business with you if your site was simpler to use and easier to understand?

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