Let's Face It
When you search on a search engine, how often do you choose result #100 over result #1? The fact is, the higher your site ranks on the search engines, the more likely potential customers will choose you.

First Page or Bust
76% of search engine users don't go past the first page of results. So it doesn't matter if your site is currently on page 5, page 50 or page 500, you won't get much traffic.

How a Site Gets on the First Page
Google looks at 200 different criteria when determining how high to rank a site. Missing just a few of these criteria could result in your website being buried and very few people will ever find you.

My comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) process helps identify what factors will improve your search engine results. I'll indentify what factors your site already does well in, what factors need improvement, and what factors are missing completely. Then I'll put together a strategy to make your website rank higher.

Benefits of SEO
  Rank Higher in Search Engines
  Get Targeted Visitors to your Website
  Beat Your Competition
  Make More Money
  Grow Your Business Nationally or Globally
Rank for More Search Terms
You probably have a few search terms in mind that you would like to rank on the first page of Google. But there are many, many different ways that people search for sites that provide your product or service. So you'll want to rank for as many of those different search terms as possible

How To Know If SEO is Working
Don't spend all day searching on Google to try and figure out how high you rank. Simply look at the increase in traffic using your analytics software, such as Google Analytics. Analytics software keeps track of the number of visitors you get each day so you can track the increase in visitors over time.

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