Boost Your Pay Per Click Performance

Do you feel like your Pay Per Click campaigns are hemorrhaging money each and every month? Are your Pay Per Click ads getting clicks but very few people are contacting you or buying from you? It might be time to have a Pay Per Click expert take a look at your account and review its performance.

On average 30% of traffic received via Pay Per Click ads is wasted. It’s wasted on erroneous searches when Google, Yahoo or Bing show your ads for the wrong keyword, in the wrong place, or at the wrong time.

Stop blindly spending money. I’ll analyze your Pay Per Click account and let you know how you can start getting better results now!

Benefits of Working With Me

Would you like your Google Adwords account to perform better? Rely on my extensive internet marketing experience to help you attract more of the right kinds of people, while at the same time reducing the amount of tire kickers who click on your ads.

My Pay Per Click Service Includes:

Avoid “Dead Wood”
Search engines will show your ad for any search that is even remotely related to your keywords. For example, a plumbing company makes an ad for “plumbing repairs” not realizing that the ad may show for a search for “do it yourself plumbing repairs” or even a search for “plumbing repair photos.” This results in expensive clicks from people who will never do business with you! Do you know how to prevent this from happening? If not, this is a good reason why you should be working with a Pay Per Click expert.

If a Pay Per Click account is setup incorrectly, it will result in you wasting thousands of dollars attracting visitors who don’t turn into paying customers.

Don’t “Do-It-Yourself”
Is it worth wasting thousands of dollars before realizing that a Pay Per Click consultant can save you more money than you would pay him to manage your Pay Per Click account? My expertise will keep you from feeling the pain that many “do-it-yourself” companies experience when they try to manage a Pay Per Click account on their own.

Throwing money at Pay Per Click advertising without understanding all the intricacies only makes Google, Yahoo and Bing richer.  I’ll optimize your Pay Per Click marketing efforts so you can get more visitors at a lower cost per click.

My Step by Step Process

  1. Define Goals and Objectives – I’ll learn about your business and what you are trying to accomplish online.
  2. Analyze What You’re Currently Doing – If you are currently running a pay per click campaign, I’ll do a thorough analysis to see what’s working and what’s not working.
  3. Competitor Analysis – I’ll take a look at what your competitors are doing online and figure out ways to beat them.
  4. Keyword Research – I’ll compile a thorough list of keywords that people are using to find businesses like yours, including synonyms, misspellings, brands you sell, etc.
  5. Budget Recommendation – I’ll let you know how much each click will cost and together we’ll decide on a monthly budget.
  6. Compelling Ad Creation – I’ll write compelling ad text which will entice searchers to click on your ads instead of your competitors ads. The ad text may be modified from time to time to represent market and seasonal changes, as well to respond to changes your competitors make in their ads.
  7. Geo Targeting – I’ll set up your ads to only show in the cities, regions, states and countries where you do business.
  8. Landing Pages – I’ll decide which page on your website to send people to after they have clicked on one of your ads. If there isn’t a page on your site that fits well with a particular ad or keyword, I can work with your web designer to create one.
  9. Ongoing Monitoring – I’ll monitor the success of your ads, keywords, cost per click, and cost per conversion, so that I can continuously make improvements. I’ll also keep tabs on what your competitors are doing. My main goal is to get you more visitors and reduce the cost you are paying per click.

Staying the Course
Effective Pay Per Click management requires constant analysis, testing and optimization. Every week your competitors could be changing and evolving their Pay Per Click strategies.  To get the best return on investment, I pro-actively work on your Pay Per Click campaign to make sure it’s bringing you qualified visitors at the lowest possible cost per click.

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